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Different Performances Of Medical Gloves

Protective clothing has different performances due to the different raw materials used. The non-woven materials used in several medical protective clothing currently Medical gloves  being sold and developed in the domestic market are mainly the following: Medical protective clothing is usually designed with a closed placket. The inner zipper is closed and the outer placket is glued. In addition to better wear and tear, this design can make the fit more tight.

In order to make the medical protective clothing fit better, its cuffs, ankles, and hats are all elastically closed. The purpose is to strengthen the protective clothing when it is paired with other protective equipment, the adhesion is higher, and it also prevents dust or liquid from going from there. Go inside. In addition, in order to facilitate movement and work and provide better flexibility for wearing, the waist of the protective clothing is usually tightened by elastic rubber bands to increase work efficiency and use safety. The stitching, zippering,Medical gloves  velcro, elastication and other processes are basically completed by the flat sewing machine. The work of closing the sleeves, closing the trouser legs and closing the hat is done by the overlock sewing machine.

In addition to the above designs, in order for the protective clothing to achieve higher sealing, after sewing the protective clothing, Medical gloves it is necessary to pass the glue press to seal all stitches and pinholes in the protective clothing to prevent dust or liquid Entering from the sewing pinhole enhances the isolation performance and safety of protective clothing,Medical gloves but the cost will also increase due to the additional step of pressing the rubber seal.

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