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Medical Gloves Of Different Protection Levels

High polymer coated fabrics, there are many types of coatings for protective fabrics, such as polyvinyl chloride,Medical gloves polyethylene, polychloroprene rubber and other various synthetic rubbers. The protective clothing is very waterproof and resistant to bacterial particles. Good,Medical gloves it can be used repeatedly, but the moisture permeability is poor, and a large amount of sweat from the human body cannot be discharged,Medical gloves and the wearing comfort performance is poor. It is really a necessity to use rubber-coated protective clothing during SARS. The latest development at home and abroad is to use microporous Teflon film and fabric to obtain waterproof and breathable function, but it is expensive as a disposable product.

Polyethylene breathable membrane / non-woven fabric composite fabrics have different non-woven fabrics and films according to different protection levels. Polyethylene breathable film / non-woven fabric composite material has an excellent effect on blocking bacterial particle penetration and liquid penetration, Medical glovesand the feel can be adjusted by changing the softness of the composite fabric, which has strong tensile strength, good breathability, and comfortable performance Greatly improved, can withstand disinfection treatment, does not contain toxic ingredients, weighs 60 ~ 100g / m2, has a good price-performance ratio, medical disposable protective clothing made of Medical gloves it can protect medical personnel from pollution by pollution sources, overcome cross infection To effective protection.

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