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Different Functions Of Medical Gloves Of Different Materials

The role of medical protective clothing is to create a bacterial barrier to prevent bacterial migration and reduce cross-infection. In recent years, Medical gloves some scientific research units and enterprises have developed many medical protective clothing, most of which use non-woven fabrics as the main fabric. Medical protective clothing can be divided into woven, non-woven fabrics and composite materials according to the organizational structure of the fabric; Medical gloves according to the use period, it is divided into disposable (one-time use), limited-time and reusable types; It is said that there are three major methods of finishing, coating and laminating.

Protective clothing has different performances due to the different raw materials used. The non-woven materials used in several types of medical protective clothing currently being sold and developed in the domestic market are mainly the following. Polypropylene spunbond fabric can be made into antibacterial protective clothing,Medical gloves  antistatic protective clothing, etc. through antibacterial and antistatic treatment. Compared with the traditional cotton protective clothing, polypropylene spunbond protective clothing is undoubtedly a big improvement. Because of its low price and one-time use, it can greatly reduce the cross-infection rate, and it has been widely promoted abroad for a long period of time just after its introduction. However, the material's resistance to hydrostatic pressure is relatively low, and the blocking efficiency of virus particles is also relatively poor. It can only be used as general protective equipment Medical gloves such as sterile surgical gowns and disinfecting cloths.

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