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Strict Standards For Medical Gloves

The residual amount of ethylene oxide in the liquid barrier function of protective clothing: For protective clothing sterilized by ethylene oxide, Medical gloves the residual amount of ethylene oxide should not exceed 10 μg / g. This indicator specifies the residual amount of fungicide to avoid injury to medical personnel.

Among the above indicators, the 2nd (liquid barrier function) and the 3rd (filtering performance) are directly related to the protection function, both of which prevent viruses from spreading to achieve the purpose of protection. According to news reports, there are infections among medical staff in individual areas. To ensure effective protection of front-line medical staff during the epidemic, every effort must be made to adequately protect the supply of protective clothing and other protective equipment and escort medical staff. At present, Medical gloves led by the Ministry of Finance, governments around the world have procured a large amount of medical protective clothing for the international market to support frontline medical personnel.

China's protective clothing classification standard is the People's Republic of China pharmaceutical industry standard YY / T 1499-2016 "liquid barrier performance and classification of medical protective clothing",Medical gloves  which divides medical protective clothing into 4 levels, the higher the level, the better the protection .

Internationally, the European Union standard EN14126-2003 "Protective clothing-Performance requirements and test methods for protective clothing against infectious sources" divides protective clothing into 6 categories. The biomarked protective clothing marked with the letter "B" can be used for medical care Personal protection; American standard NFPA1999: 2018 "Protective clothing and equipment for emergency medical operations", Medical gloves which provides detailed provisions for protective clothing and equipment, and does not classify medical protective clothing.

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