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Liquid Barrier Function Of Medical Gloves

Liquid barrier function: In terms of water permeability resistance, the hydrostatic pressure of the key parts of the protective clothing (left and right front lapels, left and right arms and back positions) should not be less than 1.67kPa (17cmH2O), and the synthetic clothing's resistance to synthetic blood penetration should not be low At 1.75kPa, the level of water on the outer side of the protective clothing shall not be less than the requirements of level 3. These are to prevent the patient's body fluids, Medical gloves surgical disinfectants or irrigation fluids from harming medical personnel through protective clothing.

Filtration performance: The filtering efficiency of the non-oily particles in the key parts of the protective clothing and the joints should be no less than 70? This index guarantees the protective effect of the protective clothing against viral carriers (particles such as droplets, dust, etc.). Comfortability: The moisture permeability of the protective clothing material should not be less than 2500g / (m2 · d). This index ensures the normal heat dissipation and perspiration of medical staff, and reduces the discomfort caused by long-term wearing.

Microbiological indicators: Coliform bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Medical gloves  Staphylococcus aureus, and hemolytic streptococcus must not be detected in protective clothing. The total bacterial colony is not more than 200 CFU / g, and the total fungal colony is not more than 100 CFU / g. This indicator ensures that several diseased microorganisms will not attach to the surface of protective clothing.

Taking function: The breaking strength of the key parts of the protective clothing should not be less than 45 N, Medical gloves the elongation at break should not be less than 15? No more than 1 point. This index makes the protective clothing meet the basic wearing needs.

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