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Appearance Standards For Medical Gloves

Medical protective clothing has corresponding standards in various countries and regions, but there are differences. At present, the more common international standards are the US NFPA standard and the EU EN standard. The standard of medical protective clothing in the United States is "NFPA1999: 2018" formulated by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association),Medical gloves which is applicable to medical emergency, and the standard of European Union is "EN14126-2003" developed by CEN (European Standards Committee), Medical gloves which is Application for protection against bacteria,Medical gloves blood and microorganisms.

In China, the corresponding standard of medical protective clothing is the National Standard GB 19082-2009 "Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing", which has the following main performance indicators:

Protective clothing consists of a hooded top and pants, and can be divided into a one-piece structure and a split structure. Protective clothing should be dry, clean,Medical gloves free of mildew spots,Medical gloves and the surface is not allowed to have defects such as adhesion, cracks, holes, etc .; the connection parts of protective clothing can be processed by needle seam bonding or heat sealing. 3cm should be 8 stitches to 14 stitches, the stitches should be even and straight, and no stitches should be skipped; the parts after processing such as bonding or heat sealing should be flat and sealed without bubbles. Exposed, the slider should be able to lock itself. These appearance regulations are to ensure the safety and reliability of protective clothing Medical gloves and prevent small defects from threatening the lives of medical personnel.

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